CrossFit Exchange credo:  

Achieving excellence means finding a place where you can be comfortable in discovering the potential you are capable of.  Whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned athlete we will help you place emphasis on creating, reaching, and exceeding your goals inside and outside of  the gym.


 At Exchange we take your needs as an athlete serious.  As such all of our contracts are unlimited which means you may attend as many classes as you like.  Contracts also allow access to specialty classes like Endurance and Strongman. Listed below is the pricing for our box. If you’ve any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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Private Coaching

$ 50

An Hour
  • Work privately with one of our coaches
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3 Month Contract

$ 175

Per Month
  • $169 Foundations
  • $175/Month
  • Add a family member for $125/Month
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6 Month Contract

$ 160

Per Month
  • No Foundations set up fee
  • $160/Month
  • 10% off massages
  • 5% off supplements
  • Add a family member for $115/month
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12 Month ContractBEST VALUE

$ 145

Per Month
  • 1 FREE month on the back side of your contract
  • No Foundations set up fee
  • $145/Month
  • 15% off massages
  • 10% off supplements
  • Add a family member for $100/month
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Lifetime Membership

$ 4500

One Time
  • 3 Hours of free 1 on 1 consultation
  • Mobility and movement function and improvement
  • Nutritional discussion
  • Complete suck work hour
  • Olympic lifting/gymnastics hour
  • Free apparel every year
  • 10% off supplements for life
  • Your own personal locker
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